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Behind PONEY BLANC there is CHARLOTTE: ARTISANE VAROISE creator of the Oliosco soap factory since 2015. My workshop is located in Carqueiranne in the Var in the heart of Var nature. 
I am concerned about the environment and respect for nature and passionate about animals, particularly horses. I decided to offer the best of my know-how and nature to create natural care products for horses and animals that are 100% natural and handmade.

My name is Charlotte and I am an artisan soap maker, expert in the artisanal production of natural plant-based cosmetics for over 15 years. So I made natural soaps and cosmetics with my small soap factory for more than 10 years! I have had great success and have thus acquired solid experience in creating natural plant care products that are effective and pleasant to use!

I have great expertise in aromatherapy and botany and great artisanal know-how to offer you products that are pleasant to use, effective and ecological. My products are entirely handmade in my workshop with simple, local and natural ingredients.

Being an animal owner myself, I decided to focus my manufacturing on natural care for animals to give them the best of my know-how and nature .

Like all horse owners, I found myself faced with problems (insect attack, engorgement of the tendons after rides, various injuries, etc.) for which I had to demonstrate creativity and put my know-how into practice by developing natural treatments specifically for them.
The same goes for my dogs: I quickly got tired of using chemical and industrial anti-parasitic care products and it took me several years to develop natural and ecological alternatives: better for the health of our animals and better for the planet!

I have always been passionate about plants and botany (a passion passed down since childhood by my botanist father). I have always refused to use products  chemicals on my horses and animals because in the long term they are harmful to their health. I always knew that I could treat my animals' problems with plants and caring and natural products, which is why I created PONEY BLANC products.

You have understood that my natural and ecological care products are handmade and are developed by myself and tested on MY ANIMALS as a priority. If a product does not meet my expectations and requirements I will not market it.
This is how the PONEY BLANC range of natural care for horses and animals meets the real needs and requirements of animal owners and horses.
In fact they are not created by a brand or by a laboratory looking for commercial success but they are created, and tested and used above all by someone who owns and owns really takes care of animals and knows their needs.