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The best of craftsmanship and nature for your horses & your animals.

natural horse care products with plants


In order to preserve the health of your animals: PONEY BLANC products are naturally made with high-end raw materials & 100% natural : vegetable oils, plant macerate, dried plants, hydrosol, plant tincture, clays, essential oils etc... with remarkable and varied properties. Our raw materials mainly come from nature and the production of local plants. No controversial chemical ingredients are used (active surfactant, synthetic coloring or perfume, silicone, etc.).


ecological horse & animal care products


Ecology is a priority for the manufacturing of horse care products & animals WHITE PONY. Our handmade and artisanal manufacturing processes consume very little water and energy (e.g. cold saponification for soaps). In addition, the labels are made from recycled paper, our bottles are made from recyclable glass or aluminum and our local ingredients are primarily selected for a low carbon footprint. Learn more about ecology for PONEY BLANC.


handmade horse & animal care products


To offer you quality products and to preserve the benefits of plants and raw materials: All our products are entirely handmade in a small, limited production in my intimate workshop in the hillside in Carqueiranne. Everything is handmade by me, from picking the plants to applying the labels. No lab or machine (apart from a blender and a hot plate!) is used, thus respecting the rules of the art of artisanal cosmetic manufacturing. Learn more about how PONEY BLANC products are made.

artisan manufacturer of natural care products for horses and animals

savoir-faire in the manufacture of natural care products for horses and animals

My name is Charlotte and I am an artisan soap maker, expert in handcrafting natural plant-based cosmetics for over 15 years. I have since acquired solid expertise in aromatherapy and botany and great artisanal know-how to offer you products that are pleasant to use, effective and ecological. My products are entirely handmade in my workshop with simple, local and natural ingredients.

Then being myself the owner of 3 horses, 3 cats and 2 dogs, and a lover of animals, I decided to focus my manufacturing on the care of animals to give them the best of my know-how and nature!

Find out more about my bio: my passion for animals and plants and my adventure as an artisan.